¿Quienes son los Johnny's Juniors? Los Johnny's Juniors, o Juniors par mas corto, son miembros de la Agencia Johnny's que no han debutado en un grupo. They all begin as back dancers but depending on circumstances can bridge out to do other things, such as singing, acting and appearing on TV shows. They can be the young Juniors that have just joined the agency or adults that have been with the agency for many years.

¿Cual es la diferencia entre un Junior y un Kansai Junior?

There are two groups of Juniors, the Kanto (or Tokyo) Juniors who are located in Tokyo, who are typically just called Juniors, and then the Kansai Juniors who are located in Osaka. The Tokyo Juniors tend to be the most well known as because of their location they can participate in more of the show recordings that get national broadcast, which is why they are just called Juniors while Kansai Juniors (nicknamed Kanjuu) get a distinction.

¿Donde podemos verlos?

Usually back dancing for the younger debuted groups from the Johnny's Agency. They do have their own TV program, The Shounen Club, which airs the first two Mondays of each month. Also some Juniors are active in being on TV programs, acting in dramas and movies and being in stage plays/musicals. The best way to find out what the various members of the Juniors are doing is to go over to Johnny's net and find the Juniors section. Under media it will list everything any Junior is active in and will list which Junior it is. You can also check out the TakiCHANnel web program that features the Juniors.